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Winter and All Weather Tyres

Change is the only certainty in our rapidly evolving world. Which is why you need tyres that are adapted to even the most unpredictable weather. The A001's advanced compound and pattern design provide superior safety and performance all year round, giving you the confidence to negotiate today’s fast changing road conditions. Regardless of what lies around the corner, the A001 All-Weather tyre guarantees a safe, comfortable and economical ride.

A001 All Weather Tyres

Dynamic performance all year round.

The A001 has been developed for specific European regions with moderate climates and wet, light winters such as the UK, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, northern France, western Germany and Denmark. The new Bridgestone A001 is designed to give drivers in these regions a confident, safe driving experience all year round.

The tyre is dynamic and easy to drive thanks to excellent front-rear balance, stable cornering and strong traction in both wet and dry. On wet roads, the specially designed lens-shaped blocks ensure smooth water evacuation with low water turbulence, reducing the risk of hydroplaning. With the A001 drivers don’t have to worry if winter does strike. The pattern’s high-density siping has plenty of edge effect, for confident handling and braking on cold, frozen and snowy roads. Where summer tyres fail to perform, the A001 takes motorists safely into cold and more challenging winter conditions. Bridgestone has also tuned the tread pattern for low noise and optimum road contact in all surface conditions.

  • All-weather Silica compound ensures dynamic, confident handling all year round, while balancing dry performance and tyre life
  • Specially designed lens shape water evacuation blocks for reduced risk of hydroplaning
  • High-grip sipes provide superior braking response even on cold and frozen roads


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